Ritual speaks with the riff mighty Conjurer…

Ritual Festival (R): You guys played the Ritual pre-show before, how did you find the event? Let us answer that one for you – you were treated like royalty.  Seriously though…


Brady Deeprose (B): Ha.  We played the pre-show last year and it was superb. To be opening a show to a packed-out room is always testament to good promotion and the atmosphere was perfect – we were gutted we couldn’t stay for the whole festival as we had a show the next day!


R: Last year, you were described as one of the heaviest acts of the weekend.  What would you say the heaviest track you guys have done to date is and why?


B: From our recorded output, I’d have to say ‘Frail’, the last track from our debut EP ‘I’. It’s long, slow, depressing and crushing. As for things we have written, a few tracks from our album, which we’ll be recording next year, are sickeningly weighty…


R: Interesting.  You guys have this rather odd blend of like death metal, grindcore, doom and perhaps even a bit of djent – could you tell us a little more about the influences that underpin Conjurer and why?


B: This is a weird one to be honest. We weren’t really aware of the doom/stoner/sludge scene that we’re generally considered a part of until we’d written the majority of our EP and had been gigging for a good while. Dan and I were influenced by Gojira and Armed For Apocalypse – we just tried to write unique, and above all else, interesting music. For our personal tastes, we’re all into vastly different music so everyone is bringing something new to the table.


R: It looks like an entirely new table to us.  Conjurer has had a ton of press since your debut record “I” dropped on Holy Roar earlier this year, what has the reaction been like?


B: We’ve been blown away. The reaction is above and beyond anything we could have imagined when we were sat in my cellar or Dan’s spare room writing riffs and eating far too much junk food. People have really gotten behind us and it makes all the late nights, expensive journeys and hours of putting up with each other worth it.


R: We agree.  We don’t have a red carpet though, it’s sort of musty brown, but we will endeavour to get you a premium brand of crisps on your rider, I know – pushing the boat out.  You guys have a very diverse fan base.  Do you find that audiences like a mixed bag nowadays? Metal not crisps…


B: Crisps are great. As for audiences, I’ve had this conversation with a lot of promoters and bands. I think people are sick of seeing essentially Black Sabbath supported by 3 Black Sabbath tribute bands (insert genre-appropriate starting band) and the mixed bill is becoming preferable. It breathes some more life into a show and in my opinion, encourages more boundary-pushing for the bands on the bill. We’ve played with everything from straight-up hardcore bands to harsh noise, ambient solo acts to doom bands, death metal to post-atmospheric whatever-core, and it’s great. It also helps as we tend to be the outlier on most bills we play but people are into that.


R: Speaking of diversity, how were your recent shows with Weedeater? We hope Dixie wasn’t sick on you.


B: Dixie was a true gentleman, as were the rest of the band. It’s really quite humbling when someone drops, ‘Yeah, when we were out on tour with Down and The Melvins…’ like it ain’t no thang. But they looked after us properly (donating all their beer to us and helping to fix Dan’s car in Glasgow!) and proved that professionalism is key. No rockstar bullshit, they loaded in, killed it, and loaded out.


R: Well, it is clear that you love what you do, which is cool because we also love what you do and Ritual is entirely driven by its passion to curate solid events.  Are you looking forward to the show?


B: Hell yes. Ritual is becoming a respected brand faster than I think anyone expected and this year is going to be the real test. You can really tell how much you guys love it and it makes a difference from our perspective.


What if we told you that we could cure your hangover after Ritual? We’d be lying of course but we do have Ritual Ale at the bar this year, and it tastes great.  What do Conjurer have planned before and after Ritual? Other than bouts of extreme excitement, loud noise, followed by a crippling hangover.


B: That sounds great, I’m sure Jan will be tempted, he’s our resident ale-merchant. And Alex from Holy Roar is starting up a craft beer shop so definitely hit him up.


As for us, we’re closing out this year with Damnation Festival and a tour with Regarde Les Hommes Tomber (who you definitely need to book for Ritual).  Next year we’ll be recording our debut album and hopefully getting out to Europe too.


Well that’s all really, this journalism thing is actually harder than it looks, actually we just wanted to let people know that Conjurer are one to watch and shift some beer, so I think we have both bases covered.  Final question, Ritual is about giving something back to the scene and putting smiles on faces or perhaps just claws in the air – what is your favourite thing about Ritual?


B: Ritual main-man Daniel has a special place in our hearts and has been behind Conjurer for as long as I can remember so we’re always going to support him in all his endeavours, but Ritual just has ‘that feeling’ about it. It’s good, passionate people booking bands they think are great – no messing around. We very much subscribe to that philosophy.


Daniel does tend to be like that, he loves metal as much as he loves memes.  See you there.  We look forward to it.


B: Trust me, so do we.